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It’s been a while since my last post; it is quite a hard month. This is the right time to refresh with something light. One of my greatest dreams as a musician is to produce a well crafted Disco album. Some may lift their eyebrow for this idea that joins to some of my other archaic loves. I was born in the pick year of the Disco – 1978. In our home, the music wasn’t important issue, and actually, until I was 13 I didn’t have a stereo system. I had a portable suitcase record player from the early 1960s (my father probably got it for his Bar Mitzva). It was located in my room since I remember myself – I’ll tell about it later in another chance. Anyway, most of my records were Pop and Rock music from the 1960s that my father bought as a teenager, and maybe some children music that my parents bought for us as kids. My parents never listen to music initially from their will, and therefore they never thought they should acquire a stereo system. But we had a radio of course, and it worked most of the day hours. In the morning we woke up to the mythologic radio program of some famous Israeli actor and presenter, and in the rest of the day, the radio tuned to The Voice of Peace station. About ten years ago when I worked as a clerk in the long gone Tower Records store, there was a new album release of a collection of songs and jingles that used to be played in The Voice of Peace station. When I first listened to these old jingles, I had such chills, and I went over the age of 5… I think then the notion came – The reason that I have such a great affection to Disco even though it has that bad reputation of a cheap entertaining genre. I think that at least half of the broadcast time of The Voice of Peace dedicated to Disco and the Funk of the 1970s. The basic groove that always accompanied this time is the first beat of the bass drum and the second of the snare and the handclaps.
In Discomat nugget I focused on this notorious genre, I collected some of my favorite tracks and thought that some of them could give you the proper example for a decent Disco. I think the most of them are not very familiar or maybe less familiar as hits. I included some interesting versions of the more familiar songs, and I guess that some of you will recognize some sounds that sampled through the last two decades in many newer tracks. I don’t know if it is the right place to mention, but many ‘serious’ musicians that are not considered as mainstream necessarily, using pure Disco motives in their current music.
Personally I especially enthusiastic about the full orchestral arrangements that sometimes could be even symphonic like. There is a common playing character, especially with the strings sections that designed in that era, I guess it is related to the way producers and sound engineers chose to execute the recording methods. Another thing that is so delectable for the ears is the quality of the players, and even the songs, even though they are very light and sometimes shallow from the textual point of view, musically they are just excellent.
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