Sabbath playing


There’s nothing like the Israeli Friday afternoon to present the following mixtape nugget.
Before the twilight time, when the strong sunbeams entering through the curtains and this typical Friday peace, even if technically it doesn’t exist like in my current apartment, this time of the week does something for me. I think this mixtape is a great representation of the vibe I’m talking about. Some of the lyrics in these songs are melancholic, some of the tracks are mellow, personally all of them are making something really good in their calm way, and here we’re dealing with a series of mixtapes to follow, like I mentioned in Sunshine Voice, short space too small to contain all the ideas 🙂

Sounds of the rising sun


And here you have my second “nugget” that was created by my compounding tools: Before the summer I added this “nugget” for the sunshine hours. This type of collection raises refined heat, a sort of good and calm feeling like laying under a big tree and staring at the sun flickering from under the leaves.
Since I found several tunes that can fit to this puzzle, I let myself declare that this is the first mixtape in a series that’s continues in the future.

Songs of Sheaf

This is my first ‘nugget’ that I present for the show. Actually, it isn’t a mixtape I created but an old recording of a radio show that produced and broadcasted in the late 1960s in Israel. This show was produced for the Passover holiday and the period of the Sheaf – the symbol of the harvest that begins in this era of the year. I decided to upload this recording almost as it is, although I had to cope with the problematic quality of the recording which was made from an AM frequency radio station on a pretty worn reel-to-reel tape. Here you cOmer-Scotch-boxan listen, like me, to the authentic sound of the young Israeli country, valuable and musical. This collection of songs contains an interesting variety of arrangements for the traditional songs: woodwinds ensemble, choirs, chamber orchestras and even a jazz-funk ensemble.
I hope that any of you who don’t enjoy listening to this kind of archaic vocal presentation will leave it aside and pay attention to the fascinating instrumentation and arrangements. Listen to the epic arrangement of ‘Ha Lakh’ma anya’ (this is the bread of poverty – the Matza bread) and the entertaining arrangement of ‘Dayenu’ in jazz style with the use of the vibraphone, which in my opinion was a very innovative choice for that period in Israel. The amazing orchestral symphonic for ‘Avadeem hayeenoo’, which can be translated as “slaves we were in Egypt,” sounds like a fancy film soundtrack when the lead instrument is the cello. There are many more interesting examples.
This collection is a great model for the performances that were made for those important songs. A lot of them created by Matityahu Shalem, who was one of the leading songwriters of the new Israeli nation in the age of its establishment in the late 1940s. His creations based on the traditional stories from the Bible but with a new kind of secular interpretation and adaptation that fits the general atmosphere of pioneering.
For me, what was very interesting to find in these recordings is the absence of the accordion, which is a blessing since this problematic instrument ruled in most of the musical documentations in Israel until the 1960s. From the late 1960s and onward, the Israeli musicians no longer felt the need to use this instrument for the benefit of other instruments of any kind. I guess it was a better time because the intensive use of the accordion in the earlier age of Israel was a result of sporadic conditions, such as the absence of amplification systems or appropriate acoustic venues and the general need to perform in ‘battlefield’ conditions.

For those reasons, this radio show presents the beautiful and creative side of the music creation and performance of the mainstream culture that was produced for the public in the era. Here you have a link for a ZIP file that contains all the songs in separate mp3 files.


Hip hip hooray!!!!

My blog is on-air.
Here you can catch up on my ‘notorious’ deals in the music world and get little treats in the shape of “nuggets”. This time, as a result of the opening celebration, I let myself do a double feature: once for the Jewish holiday, and the second is the first appearance here (this post is being published on the Pesakh Eve, the Jewish Passover holiday)
Feel free to comment and share as you wish…at least until I decide otherwise. 🙂

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