Electrifying sound sense


So I thought it would be an easy task for me to make an electronic mixtape…so I thought. Apparently, it’s a really hard job to find appropriate tracks. I really love electronic devices and instruments, but from the other side, I like the combination of electronic sounds with the intervention of the human hand, the acoustics, and the solid physical sense in the way they are easily distinguished.

I went over several tracks and songs from different times and musical genres and chose these that really move something inside my body. Every time I’m surprised at how the music affects me. I can be very impressed by sophisticated production tricks, electronic or not, but in the end, if the music, harmony, and groove don’t integrate into one complete exciting and fascinating music piece, then the sound doesn’t leave me with a deep impression – such impression that will lead me to include it in that kind of a mixtape.
Electronovox collects inside some tracks that we can’t tag them as Electronic par excellence, they don’t have any historical or artistic importance. Some of them have nostalgic scent (Yes…. I love sometimes kitsch) some performed by known artists, some less. The continuity of this mixtape was important to me and I think I made it well done