Erich Zuum präsentiert


I gathered some additional music for a second mixtape of the AsymmetricK series. This time I thought about the chance to maybe find what’s the original source of the old radio recordings I found almost 20 years ago. My dear friend, Sagi Sachs, a fascinating musician, lives these days in Leipzig, Germany. I sent him the link for the radio presenter snippets from the first mixtape, then he discovered with one of his friend (Thank you Alex), that the source came from the German SWR3 radio station in Stuttgart. Excited by the discovery I sent immediately an email to the station with an inquiry about my long time riddle – who is the radio DJ that played such interesting music on the radio back in the early 1970s? – I haven’t got a reply until now. Then I gave up my crazy fantasy which was – finding the original radio presenter and ask him to record for me a few snippets in German for this new mixtape.
So then, Sagi took the mission and created these snippets for me – and now I am wholly satisfied with the results. You can listen too, here below.