Mind your Soul


As a direct link to my last post and mixtape, that dealt with classic Motown and equivalent materials, I’m presenting here an introduction for some contemporary Soul artists and tracks. Yes, I decided to put these selections under the Soul title, cause I do have some difficulties with the R&B definition. As an educated, academic and self-taught music lover, I always referred the R&B definition to simply, Up-Beat Blues, that was popular since the 1940s. I don’t find much relation between the so-called contemporary R&B music and the one I mentioned above. Later I discovered some more reasons for using the R&B definition that I don’t find complimenting for the music and the artists, therefore, I find Soul much more appropriate – literally and historically. Sam Cooke considered being one of the pioneers  (if not THE pioneer) of Soul music, with strong roots from the Gospel music, which is the main foundation of Soul.
Now back to our days, I admit I never had a strong affiliation for contemporary Soul, but with almost any kind of music genre, I believe I don’t know much of it. During the last years, I encountered with some contemporary artists that drew my attention, and obviously, I could easily place them under the Soul umbrella.  My current residence in Chicago also contributed to the discoveries, and I’m very proud to include some local contemporary Chicagoan Soul artists in the following mixtape.
I tend to include some Israeli presence in the mixtapes that I’m creating, this time I encountered completely unexpectedly with one of the best contemporary Israeli artists, Karolina, featured in one of the songs (American production…) that I found for this mixtape.
As always, I’m trying to find the music that not goes naturally to the Top 40 charts but still has some kind of added value.