Broadcast state


I think I’ve got a real good timing for releasing this mixtape – We are on our post-holiday of Poorim (a Jewish holiday that can be compared to Haloween – people dress in costumes etc.) The musical content that integrated here deserves this fun atmosphere of the holiday which many times related to some common figures from the media when many people wear costumes of famous characters that sometimes come from TV shows, movies and so, and of course, each one of them has a certain musical theme. Most of the tracks that are featured here had a function which was to serve these themes for TV, movies or radio transitions. Most of them are extremely seriously performed by their artists, but I assume that today most of the average listeners who accidently encounter which such music will probably raise a smile (which is completely cool) or maybe they will be attacked with sticky nostalgic emotions (oh well).
I have another ulterior motive to publish this mixtape. I think it is almost a week from since our Israeli minister of communications, which is responsible for the public TV and radio network, declared that he’s going to dismantle this immense authority. This subject of media institutions relates in my mind to the fascinating creativity of different musicians who were asked to compose for the institute or the musical directors and editors that have been invited to pick some already recorded materials as functional music which suppose to serve the goal of attracting attention momentarily from not necessarily captivated listeners.
An excellent example is the closing track in this collection. The mythologic George Martin composed it as the opening theme for BBC’s BBC 1 radio station. You can hear the superb composition and arrangement of Martin (pay attention to the accurate melody and the ‘spicy’ harmony). I haven’t checked it thoroughly, but I won’t be surprised if the Beatles members are playing there. Other interesting examples are the tracks that John Williams is credited for, which he created some years before he became the frequent musical partner for Steven Spielberg. I chose to add some other tracks that related to Classical music, but here I picked some works that had transcripted, which means, they originally composed for one instrument, for example, piano or organ, and much later arranged for orchestral performance – this thing is captivating my ears, different interpretation, and orchestras in general…
Wandering the net I encountered with a ‘video clip’ that was filmed for one of these tracks that are featured on my mixtape. The visual composition was really entertaining for me:


I want so much to thank for this opportunity to the courtesy of the artist Dragan Nikodijevic for letting me use his art for the cover of this nugget which is very appropriate for the musical content. You can click this link for watching his other works.
Please hit the play: