Creating independently


Oh, how long I waited to come back and to right here… There are so many materials and experiences I gathered through these months, and only now, after my ‘forced’ holiday vacation, I could find the time to seat and to finish some things for this precious blog. So here, I’ll take the advantage to present the first nugget after a long break, and this time I want to touch the new music that I’m being exposed to, new music that being created within the current years. I’m happy that I mustered the energy to listen to new music that being created these days around the globe and that after I felt that in those last years from some reasons, even the independent music is uninspired. I think that this feeling of mine, though others, comes from the enormous flood of information that getting bigger as long as the time moves, and like this the sources for creation and documentation, and also the storage availability and the easiness of sharing these materials are incredible. I think we are witnessing for phenomena that didn’t exist before – the number of productive musicians is relentless, and they document themselves like never before. I don’t pretend to bring here any news, only to tell about my experience. I have to put so much time to find some new music that will be exciting and interesting for me, and when I think about the Sisyphean investment I have to do – it makes me take distance from the endless search. But what can I do? There is always a time when all my musical sources are getting old, and the ears want to refresh with something new from our age.
So I spent the last weeks with deep digging after new materials, some of them are appearing in this nugget. Bands like ‘Greazly Bear’ that I shame to admit that I haven’t known before feature here on the side of more senior artists like David Byrne (Talking Heads leader). I think some music diggers will resent me for my old distaste for this band or some other acts from the cold 1980s. This song is an excellent example for co-operating between Byrne and St. Vincent (which is Anny Erin Clark, a notable musician that collaborated with great artists of the Indie domain through the last decade).

In short, I’m completely satisfied from this puzzle 🙂
I want to use this occasion to add another link for a guest mixtape that I made for the Israeli Jewish new year’s eve, on my friend’s blog ‘The Shell.’ Except this, there are many other nuggets waiting for exposure, and the next one is going to deal with one of my biggest loves. Keep follow!