Me and the pianoThere is one thing that ties together every project I’ve had in my life. It’s what inspired me to begin playing music, to compose, and has guided me into audio-visual production. It’s a simple, but profound concept: I want to tell a story.
You’ve heard that a picture’s worth a thousand words, but what’s the value of a sonata? How can you calculate the worth of a haunting melody that touches our humanity in a way we can’t articulate with words? What drove us to tell stories through dance and song from the earliest days of our evolution? Why can hours of political speeches be nothing but a droning annoyance, but a single image of a child’s face, bright with dawning realization, inspires us to act?
These questions have always driven me forward, and my forays into audio and video production reflect that. I’ve fallen in love with the media of film and sound: how, with the right raw materials, sources, frequencies, spaces, filters, effects, and editing, I can reach deep into the human experience and ignite a passion and desire to achieve something more. I am an artisan who appreciates the science behind analog and digital media production, which involves the proper use of equipment, software, and techniques. These have given me the tools I use to tell a story. What drives it, however, is art—telling a story in a way that is intensely human and reaches the target audience in a way nothing else can.
We all have a story. My passion is to tell it.

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