Another independent exploration


I like to challenge myself as much as I can, especially when it comes to music. It would be easy to understand that I have a strong attraction to the past. I like history, and mainly the thrilling and sometimes mysterious and vague phenomenons… but, as much as the past has so much to offer when it comes to music, I still like to ‘fish’ some new, current acts from time to time. Then maybe it’s natural that the current music that attracts me falls under the category of Indie music, once having been related to independent musicians that produced all their music on their own – from A to Z.

Today this concept is much more fluid. There are of course some completely independent artists that do not depend on manager/ label/ booking and so on. Today it is possible to find new music that is produced by record labels and entrepreneurs that still call themselves Indie. I believe they do this primarily to separate themselves from the mainstream. In short, I think that the right way for looking at the Indie stream these days is just as an alternative space rather than dealing with mainstream characteristics.
It took three years since the last time I compiled an Indie nugget, now, during the last months I had the urge to look for some new materials, my ears are wide open, whether I’m browsing the web, getting recommendations from friends, ‘Shazaming’ some tunes in restaurants, barber shops or even some materials from interesting radio stations – this blessed musical treasure is endless… so is the time it demands to filter through it to find what moves me… This time I found some interesting Canadian artists among the featured American majority, the mixtape ends with the Israeli representation of Tatran, a very young and talented instrumental trio.

Here it is: