Longing For A Summer That Hasn’t Ended


Yes, yes, I always amazed to see what is the frequency of posts/ mixtapes I’m sharing here…
I love to craft new mixtapes so much, and as always, each time that I find or recall a track that fits into some type of mixtape mood, I add it to the appropriate list. Slowly they add up and eventually a nice musical collage getting its shape.
The excuses are old but true – the lack of spare time to sit and edit these wonderful music nuggets is significant, but I’m happy that finally, I have the chance to share one.

The short summer in Chicago inspired me to weave another Through the curtains mix. The pre-early signs of the upcoming fall bring the obvious melancholic flavors to my palate, but for some reason, the music that typically considered dark, sad or cheerless could give me a lot of hope and inspiration, and definitely deep excitement.
Hit that play button and come with me to another short but accurate musical trip:

Warming tune


OK, this time I have a sequel mixtape for the series Through the curtains. This set is dealing with musical mood and not with a genre or particular subject. Here experienced musical ears will recognize the common materials that are interesting and exciting for me. I gave my heart the option to randomly court after songs or tracks that drew my attention lately. This time I don’t have any historical, nostalgic or technical story for the music, only strong desire to share this sequence for anyone – you are most welcome to
click on the play icon on the picture:
Have a great warming winter!

Sabbath playing


There’s nothing like the Israeli Friday afternoon to present the following mixtape nugget.
Before the twilight time, when the strong sunbeams entering through the curtains and this typical Friday peace, even if technically it doesn’t exist like in my current apartment, this time of the week does something for me. I think this mixtape is a great representation of the vibe I’m talking about. Some of the lyrics in these songs are melancholic, some of the tracks are mellow, personally all of them are making something really good in their calm way, and here we’re dealing with a series of mixtapes to follow, like I mentioned in Sunshine Voice, short space too small to contain all the ideas 🙂