Resuming with energy


Yes yes…. it is almost one year since I wrote here for the last time. I have a critical year, many vicissitudes my destiny held for me, and there more to come. Through all this time I never stopped to ponder about my musical activity as a music curator and editor, one that I find interesting and inspiring. This time I chose to deal with a primary music genre, one that can accidently be considered as marginal to my musical environment (of course not). The ones that follow this blog and could get an impression of esoteric or eclectic taste that I possess, a taste that not always please fastidious ears. This time I deal with much more widespread domain: I’m talking about Rock, and especially Classic Rock. It leaks through the roots of the Blues to some more rough zones that are characterized by intensive use of the Overdrive effect (Or Distortion God forbid. Personally I prefer the sourness sound of the Fuzz effect between these options). And though this domain goes further the standard harmonies and patterns of the Blues, which the original Rock music is based on.
So as I mentioned musically, this mixtape contains some examples from the Classic Rock pantheon (mainly from the early 1970s) but also newer materials, all of them are painted with the sourness, warm and energetic ingredient – and from here comes the name of this nugget:


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